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company anniversary

Your company’s anniversary will become a marketing event and will allow you to ideally maintain your image. Make good use of this unique opportunity!

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professional event facts

The online database of the M.I.C.E. industry. Professional Event Facts – complements all data about the hotel and the event location.

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Smart charts offer you the best performance in presentation technology in order to be able to visually emotionalise information.

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Almost done and translated!


… and then I held my friend David Strebel’s Samurai sword in my hands that was almost 600 years old and magnificently forged and was once again fascinated by this incomprehensible craftsmanship and the story of the master blacksmith who brought this sword to life. It isn’t just about the weapon, but rather the craftsmanship which is required to produce something so unique.

This was the inspiration that caused us to abandon the pat, recurring phrases and cookie-cutter statements of our industry and to design eventcompetence’s new web site in a different way. Thus, in its conception, we have focused upon that which is most elementary: The people and components of the handicraft, the experience, the skill, the art, the traditions and the rededication to that which is essential. For us, that means craftsmanship and the attitude of doing very good work for its own sake.

Today, it appears to be the case that everyone has to be so flexible that no one has the time anymore to really master anything. But that is precisely what distinguishes the good craftsman. He is the master of his trade whose goal is to supply very good work that is unique. These days, one may fear that many “self-proclaimed craftsmen” do less and less craftsmanship, but merely still switch complete components or, as in the auto repair shop, simply install new software.

To produce live communication without experience based upon the “building market principle” is the order of the day. One can hardly speak of master craftsmanship anymore.

With this web site, we have hopefully succeeded in providing the initial proof of the benefit of the symbiosis of craftsmanship and art in our profession. Allow yourself to be inspired, entertained and above all informed.

We look forward to jointly working together to produce success in the future. We hope you enjoy the reading!

We would also like to give our heartfelt thanks to:

…for their great dedication, without whose help and professional work we certainly would not have been able to have successfully completed this project in this form and of this quality.