1958: One of these typical get-togethers. Today, one would say meeting. We, the race car driver Hans Herrmann, racing mechanic and passenger Herbert Linge and I are standing around a workbench at a Porsche testing centre, examining a motor component. Hans implores energetically, “We have to get faster at any price!” “However, we must also become safer”, answers Linge in his customarily calm manner and lifts up the spring motor of a tin model with the calmness with which one would otherwise fill his pipe at the end of the work day. “The car is fast – almost unbeatably fast, but we also have to arrive safe and sound in order to win”, adds Linge in a serious voice and sends the Porsche Spyder 550 around the mirror-like surface of the work bench. “The car has to become safer?”, I interject and note that the model car is making bigger and bigger circles. “That’s what we are working on constantly”, says Linge while seemingly ignoring my observation. The tin car gets dangerously close to the edge of the workbench. “Fast means safe”, continues Linge, “if we bring doctors and fire extinguishers to the crash site in race cars.” From the corner of my eye, I see the model car crash off the work bench and catch it by reflex. “Fast help. One can drive more calmly and better”, as I try to add an intelligent comment to the conversation. My good reflexes would later allow me to become a passable test driver. Herbert Linge, however, became an idol and even received the Federal Cross of Merit for his safety concepts in racing sports.

It is always helpful to analyse different aspects of the same thing. Various minds, personalities and levels of experience provide this perspective quite precisely.
At eventcompetence + compagnie, we are working on a clear understanding of live communication at present and on visions for the future. The institutionalised meetings of senior consultants from the industry with professionals from art and technology are workshop meetings. There is always a task being carried out upon the virtual workbench. But, as with every focus upon solution and benefit, there must also be room for what is provocative and “never-before-thought-of”. This is the way that most new products or services leave the idea workshop of eventcompetence + compagnie.
For example, smartcharts, a revolutionary presentation system with a bombastic effect and simple operability which is based upon the presentation classic PowerPoint.
Publications and presentations, as the summary of what has been developed and discussed, are on the agenda.
We look forward to also working with you on new insights and better solutions.