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Celebrating events as they occur

Your company’s anniversary can become a marketing event and allows you to ideally promote your image. Among all conceivable company events, it offers the best opportunity to target a wide audience with a positive message and to increase the degree of awareness of one’s own products or services.

Make optimal use of this extraordinary event: Invite customers, business partners, suppliers, employees and their families, friends, the media and the public and say “thanks”! Personal business relationships can be strengthened and the cooperation with customers and suppliers can be promoted.
For employees, it promotes identity and motivation. The accomplishments of the company are ultimately always also the accomplishments of its employees.
Look back to the past, but also look forward to the future of your company. A company which can look back upon a history of success unites the employees through their pride in the work accomplished and thus strengthens the ’feeling of us’.
The company anniversary represents a welcome point in time to make company assessments. The company is presented in its corporate environment and, moreover, can introduce any planned changes in its image or orientation.

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Special features

We present your company history in a completely new form. What previously was at best known as a short trip through time becomes a presentation experience. The most modern presentation technology in audio-visual media, hardware and software naturally are part of the programme. What distinguishes the work of eventcompetence + compagnie is the refined combination of factual content, emotion and excitement. Entertaining and yet compelling minutes which will remain in the memory of all those in attendance. Your history can be experienced in the present!
You will receive creative, concrete and always innovative solutions from us.

The central theme – the company’s history – is transformed into a highly modern, audio-visual experience. Thus, you and your guests will be presented with the milestones and the development of the company, but above all emotions will be awakened.
This can naturally also be supported through the use and integration of artists.

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Our handiwork

Eventcompetence + compagnie helps you to make your upcoming company anniversary into an unforgettable event.
You will find in us the partners and the professionals who will support you from the first hour of planning as we work efficiently, innovatively and in a cost-effective manner. With our many years of experience, we will show you which opportunities there are in your environment to benefit from this unique event for your company and your future.

We guarantee you not only the greatest possible motivation of your employees, but rather also a unique form of customer loyalty.

Such a company anniversary promotes your image. Take advantage of this opportunity!
Celebrate! We will support you, stand at your side and take care of everything.

Examples of diverse projects. Let yourself be inspired.

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Satisfied customers (References)

Our customers may be celebrating a company history that is 10 years or 250 years.
No occasion is “too small” or “too large” in order to benefit from it.
Our customers can expect 100% support. We will render all services in a manner which is competent, timely, transparent and budget-oriented.
Our customers are satisfied, particularly because their investment continues to pay off: You can continue to use the company anniversary presentation as a company presentation, e.g. for trade fair appearances, meetings with customers or on the Internet.

That pleases us.

References (excerpt)

  • 2-year anniversary of the “New Market” Deutsche Börse [German Stock Exchange]
  • 5-year anniversary of Air Plus
  • 10-year anniversary of Salomon Smith Barney
  • 10-year anniversary of Lowe & Lürzer
  • 20-year anniversary of Sheraton Airport Hotel Frankfurt
  • 25-year anniversary of Transor Filter GmbH
  • 25-year anniversary of Aura Prozesswärme GmbH
  • 30-year anniversary of Frankfurt Trust
  • 50-year anniversary of GKN Löbro GmbH
  • 50-year anniversary of Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung
  • 50-year anniversary of Apetito AG
  • 90-year anniversary of ZVEI
  • 100-year anniversary of DG Bank
  • 100-year anniversary of Caparol
  • 100-year anniversary of Schloß Hohenkammer
  • 150-year anniversary of Elster GmbH
  • 150-year anniversary of Krug Champagne
  • 700-year anniversary of the city of Celle

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Sample project

25 Jahre AURA Prozesswärme GmbH

25-year anniversary of AURA Prozesswärme GmbH
Owing to its 25-year anniversary, AURA GmbH invited 400 international guests to a day-long event.


A series of tents upon the company’s premises, among others with diverse, top-quality peaked pagoda tents as well as both production centres being used for the exposition and the evening event with the multi-media trip through time. Overall approx. 5,000 m².

Task & implementation:

The company founded in 1982 took the opportunity to look back from the company’s founding forward into the future. Through media-supported time travel which was undertaken with images and shows for the respective time periods, the participants experienced a programme of superlative quality.
The event motto of “We are on fire” was also vividly integrated into exciting dramaturgy through decorations, a fire and pyrotechnics performance and an impressive scenario of lights.
Thus, overall, an unforgettable event was created which, at all times, impressively reflected the range of products and services of the company.