Our bright minds create beaming faces

As Edison was working on the light bulb in his inventor’s workshop, he didn’t know that there were two other fiddlers working on a similar concept – the Brit Swahn and the German watchmaker Göbel. Today, their descendents are still fighting about who was the first person to have the idea of “creating light from the power of a glow wire”. By so doing, the decisive light hasn’t yet dawned on them: From the modern perspective, the concept of “glow wire” has become obsolete. The requirements have become greater. Light must be created in a manner which saves energy and resources. Over the course of time, other technologies have become much more effective.

eventcompetence + compagnie doesn’t think about products, but rather about solutions and benefits; doesn’t think about “glow wires”, but rather about “light”. The approach of focussing upon desired results is the basis of any good concept. We have created structures for ourselves which enable us to be independent and able to offer you standard or tailor-made concepts.
To the same extent as one is trying to create light today in an energy-saving manner, the measures of live communication should also be absolutely efficient. For eventcompetence + compagnie, an effective concept is a contribution to entrepreneurial responsibility. Events must sell!
We will speak with you about your goals, not just about an event. We will develop a concept and measures package for you that will be composed of live communication with precise focal points.
And Sven Eichenlaub, as the person providing impulses and guaranteeing quality, will ensure that exclusively bright minds are involved.

  • Practically-oriented
  • Supported by experience
  • Solution-oriented
  • Implementable
  • Fair, open and transparent