Precisely what you need and not just what we could sell to you!

“I can repair that for you fast and then you will be able to do it quite easily for yourself at home!”, says the watchmaker. He was recommended to me. I took my grandfather’s watch to him. An item I had inherited which was no longer ticking correctly. Skilfully, he opened the base of the watch with a special tool. “It’s very important not to damage the seal. Next, I’ll put a smidgeon of silicone grease on it. And then you can simply tighten the screw. See? I’ll give you the tool for opening the casing to take along home with you …” The man must be completely crazy: Repairs my watch for almost no money, shows me how it works and ignores my longing looks at his display cases full of gleaming, restored Omegas and IWCs.

Today, approximately five years later, I know that the man wasn’t crazy at all. My family, my friends and I simply won’t go anywhere else anymore. I long ago was able to afford the watch from the display case. And I can now make even complicated repairs to my grandfather’s watch all by myself.

At eventcompetence + compagnie, we are convinced that an agency in live communication should do precisely what is required.

That creates trust and is the cornerstone of a long-term business relationship.
In order to tailor our offerings to your requirements, we have developed a modular structure:

1. Analysis and consulting
2. Conception
3. Operative implementation
4. Complete organisation – from the intention to the controlling of success

Inquire about the modules individually and in combination at eventcompetence + compagnie. We will be glad to advise you.

The logical desire to tailor our tools to your requirements has driven us to also develop our “special tools”.
betriebsjubilaeum, ProfessionalEventFacts and smartcharts are highly specialised and tailor-made. In the “Tools” section, we provide detailed information to you about the advantages of these tools in live communication.

We have the same idea as the watchmaker in our little anecdote: Do what is necessary, repair instead of creating dependency – for long-term customer relationships and your success. That’s what makes us tick…