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The story of the banquet brochure

A fairy tale that, as many do, has a bad beginning but a good ending

…one day, the senior partners of Live Communication got together and discussed late into the night what could be done to benefit the hotel industry. It was agreed to procure the banquet brochure – the favourite of the hotel industry. And thus they ordered these banquet brochures to their homes. Every day, more and more came – it appeared that they would never stop arriving. The mail carrier almost broke down and the large mailbox looked about ready to burst…

The senders of the banquet brochures called again and again in order to ask how their charges were doing, whether they had safely arrived and whether they were liked …and when a personal meeting could be arranged. Everything was very stressful.

They rounded up everything which they could carry in their arms and were soon looking at a large, almost gigantic heap of banquet brochures upon the table.
One of these brochures was very interesting: A thick one, bloated, with many pages, with folds, many very colourful photos, a CD inside, a lot of frills, leaflets and inserts, graphics, offers, floor diagrammes…

Somehow it was like the others and then again not because this one could speak! It cleared its throat…

Thus begins the fairy tale of Heidi, the banquet brochure which no longer wished to be as it was. And certainly rightly so!
You can hear the entire story here (Fairy Tale).

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Form follows function

The banquet brochure is the most comprehensive information tool of the international hotel industry. It is absolutely entrenched in its present form. In the age of electronic media, the highest demands for currentness and tight budgets, one nonetheless asks, “Why?” Wouldn’t another form, a digital form, not be better suited to finding a favourable reception from and meeting the demands of the M.I.C.E. target groups?!

We at eventcompetence + compagnie are certain that this is the case.
With the banquet brochure, company management and/or the event agencies receive from the hotel the product information and product emotions in order to plan and make decisions at the outset before the order is awarded.

The banquet brochure serves primarily to support the sales process and to complement the hotel’s service portfolio to the greatest extent possible, via:

  • Emotional factors: Imagery, design and look & feel
  • Functional factors: Hotel, event space and seating information and logistical parameters
  • Organisational factors: Menu recommendations, F&B, framework programmes, special offers, suppliers and service providers for the event, etc.

But can’t one make all the information from the current banquet brochure offerings – web sites, hotel brochures and sales materials – more practical, more compact and more beautiful? One can!

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The “e-information banquet brochure” by H.E.I.D.I.

Hotel Event Information Digitally Interfaced (H.E.I.D.I.) is a product of eventcompetence + compagnie, created by the Live Communication pros with over 20 years of experience in many industries.

H.E.I.D.I. serves central sales structures in event and corporate sales with:

  • Great value for the price
  • Accessibility for internal and external parties – that is to say, the hotel and its customers
  • Accessible and retrievable at any time regardless of the medium
  • Absolutely up-to-date
  • High quality with regards to the look & feel and the information presented
  • High emotionality
  • High-quality technical information and plans
  • Listing of current contact persons and service providers
  • High multimedia functionality
  • Can be edited and individualised by the user

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H.E.I.D.I. facts&figures

All statical facts which describe and depict the hotel product as well as basic information: Background information about the hotel, general description of the hotel’s facilities, etc.

H.E.I.D.I. spaces&plans

All space that can be used for events via an interactive develop plan with detailed information, photos, floor plans, seating arrangements, etc. One can open the respective rooms and plans with a mere mouse click.

H.E.I.D.I. food&beverages

Here, we show all relevant information about the diversity of food & beverage offerings with the corresponding outlets of the respective gastronomic facilities with their detailed offerings – optionally also menus, distinctions and much more.

H.E.I.D.I. rooms&services

Complete information, the room products and hotel services that are relevant for the guest with texts and text fields. In addition to room categories, there are also details about the furnishings, design and functionalities.

H.E.I.D.I. partnerlinks&presentations

All relevant links about partners, suppliers, framework programme providers, DMC’s with downloads and presentations, etc. which you recommend to the customer. This page can be marketed very well through partners with whom you conclude fee agreements. Talk to us; we would be glad to advise you.

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Sales & contracts

H.E.I.D.I. dynamics&offers

All dynamic information which describes and depicts the hotel’s service portfolio as well as the hotel’s individual offerings (no individual offerings to the customer).

H.E.I.D.I. – M.I.C.E.-highlights&usp´s

All of the characteristics which differentiate the hotel from the competition and the key advantages of the hotel with regards to the M.I.C.E. segment are formulated and presented.

H.E.I.D.I. specials&arrangements

All special programmes which the hotel offers while reimbursement is provided for flyers, arrangements, weekend packages, etc. In this case, partners can likewise be included with individually designed offerings.

H.E.I.D.I. prices&offers

The customer-specific offer with all content-related details, prices, options, general business terms and conditions – can be extracted and printed out as a PDF.

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