With a flair for the individuality of the client and authentic presentations, the recognition of developing trends as well as the production of innovative system and software solutions, we create the perfect alliance of emotion and information in a unique world of images for your image presentation.

Bringing image to Life.

With smart charts, based upon the PowerPoint Office programme, your presentations will become both informative as well as emotional.

Smart charts include both animation approaching the outer limits of PowerPoint as well as also the most interesting communication alternatives to other “closed systems” for audio-visual presentations. The following modules can also be integrated into your already existing PowerPoint presentations or be used as independent trailer presentations:

  • PowerPoint content site = “Content collection” – linking to all relevant presentation content as an interactive PowerPoint structure for immediate access.
  • PowerPoint presentation = “Classical” charting and corporate charting – “classical” and/or animated slide masters as an attention-grabbing CI- & CD-compatible implementation of the content.
  • PowerPoint trailer = Welcome loop and intro/outro – product trailer as a modularly structured image and/or product presentation for the most varied usages.

Creating presentations to impress your audience.

The conception and preparation of innovative and targeted communication solutions require optimally coordinated technical and creative performance potential. With experienced service partners as your competence team, we create the basis for you.

  • Visual Consulting & Design
  • Strategic Consulting & Concept
  • Event Organisation & Technical Support
  • Media Production & Artwork
  • Media Production & Video

Best competence-mix for great ideas.


A presentation system that has become widely established that constantly sets trends in the area of “high-resolution” images. WATCHOUT is the professional solution when multi-media image content is offered through countless transmission media that are independent of one another or overlapping.

A WATCHOUT is appealing particularly owing to the visual structural options, the efficiency of media technology while using all standard file formats for media data and the format-free definition of an audio-visual presentation.

  • WATCHOUT combines and unites all digital media formats such as freeze frame, video, computer & flash animation, audio etc. – in every conceivable presentation format – which can be integrated into production in a simple art and manner.
  • Independent definition of an audio-visual presentation and above all immediate production access – in real-time.
  • Free selection or combination of, e.g., plasma screens, monitors, video / data projectors as an installation or also as a panoramic display.

The maximum view.